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Chimneys in Barnsley & South Yorkshire | Maintenance & Repair

Chimneys in Barnsley & South Yorkshire | Maintenance & Repair

As specialists in every aspect of roofing, BPR Roofing Services Ltd carries out chimney and lead flashing services to suit any requirement. Property owners in South Yorkshire with a chimney and leadwork on their roof need to consider these features as highly as any other when it comes to roof repairs and maintenance. Chimneys represent the highest point of a home, leaving them exposed to high winds and stormy conditions over the years. Lead flashing, on the other hand, plays a vital role in maintaining the watertight seal of a roof. Any damage to this feature greatly increases the chances of water ingress.

Our vastly experienced, fully qualified team operates across South Yorkshire, including our hometown of Barnsley and nearby Rotherham and Sheffield.

We have taken a closer look below at what homeowners can expect from our chimney and lead flashing services.

Chimney Maintenance & Repair

If left to deteriorate, chimneys not only cause significant damage to the roof itself, but to brickwork, stonework and mortar as well. As such, it remains essential for property owners to monitor the condition of their chimney in order to minimise the likelihood of future roof repairs. In the most extreme cases, with mortar left to crumble away and no longer support the brickwork, chimneys can collapse. Needless to say, this poses a huge safety risk to your family, friends or any passers-by.

As specialists in roof repairs, we have fixed countless chimneys, be it through repointing or rebuilding. With our blend of experience and expertise, we provide outstanding results that offer the ultimate peace of mind.

Our chimney repair and maintenance services include:

  • Re-Pointing of Brickwork
  • Chimney Pot Refitting
  • Cap Off & Sealing of Chimney Pots
  • Installations of Chimney Cowls & Vents
  • Replacement of Flaunching
  • Chimney Blocking Up
  • Complete Chimney Rebuilds
  • Safe Chimney Removal

Whichever service you require, a member of our team visits your property at a time convenient to you in order to carry out a thorough chimney inspection. With a full understanding of the condition and safety of the feature, we offer a cost-effective solution to achieve the desired results.

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