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Lead Flashing in Barnsley & South Yorkshire

Lead Flashing in Barnsley & South Yorkshire

Lead Flashing Services

With a proven track record as a highly durable roofing material, lead flashing continues to hold its popularity with roofing companies and homeowners alike. Owing to its malleability, we can mould lead to fit the multiple curves and contours of modern buildings, especially roofing tiles.

Due to its outstanding performance, we use lead flashing in high risk areas, particularly those where features rise up out of the roof, such as chimneys or dormers. In these circumstances, the small joins between the roof and the other feature need to be sealed as they offer a prime spot for water ingress.

As a core element of our roof repairs, we have optimised lead flashing on roofs of every shape and size.

When it comes to leading flashing in Barnsley and the neighbouring areas, we provide the following services: 

  • Apron & Cover Flashing
  • Hip & Ridge Flashing
  • Chimney Lead Flashing
  • Stepped Flashing
  • Lead Soakers
  • Pitched Valley Gutters
  • Parapet, Box & Tapered Gutters

BPR Roofing Services uses lead materials that fully comply with BS EN 12588 for a premium-quality, long-lasting installation.

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